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Daniel Regha is a twitter influencer and notable figure in Nigeria’s social media space, recognized for his thoughtful commentaries and observations on various social and political issues. Known for his prominent presence on Twitter, he has quickly risen to prominence and influence within the online community.

Daniel Regha
Full Name Daniel Regha
Born Unknown
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Influencer
Relationship Status Single
Awards Influencer of the Year.
Organization Not Available

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Early Life

Daniel Regha, born and raised in Nigeria, has always been interested in social issues and dialogues. Although there is limited information about his early life and family, his actions and engagements on social media platforms reveal a deep passion for community awareness and social advocacy.


While specific details about Daniel Regha’s educational background are sparse, it’s evident from his articulate and thoughtful social media posts that he has a solid educational foundation. His understanding and analysis of a variety of social and political matters suggest a broad knowledge base and a keen interest in continuous learning.


Daniel Regha’s career can be described as digital and social media-based. He has carved a niche for himself as a social critic and influencer, primarily on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Through his insightful comments, he has earned the moniker “Twitter Adviser.”

His contributions span a wide range of topics, including social issues, politics, entertainment, and other trending topics. His balanced and constructive criticisms have earned him a significant following and influence on the platform.

Awards and Honors

In recognition of his work as an online influencer, Daniel Regha was awarded the title of “Influencer of the Year.” This accolade has further cemented his status as a reputable and influential figure within the social media landscape.

Personal Life

Specific details about Daniel Regha’s personal life remain private. However, his online persona reflects a man committed to fostering positive social change and discourse. He continues to engage and interact with his followers, offering advice and shedding light on various issues that impact society at large.

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