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Dancegod Lloyd is a professional dancer in ghana, coach and co-founder of the dance school, DWP Academy. He changed his stage name from Legendary Lloyd to Dancegod Lloyd when he became a pioneer in establishing the dance industry. Dancegod LLoyd is the creator of “Sho”, “Agbelemi”, “Akiti” and “Swerve” dances. Dancegod Lloyd’s birth name is Laud Anor Konadu. He hails from Kibi a suburb in the Eastern region, but has lived in Accra all his life. He resides at Ashaiman, where he lives with his family. He was born on 25th May, 1992. He attended Solidarity Primary and Junior High School for his elementary education, Presbyterian boys Senior High School (PRESEC) for high school.

Dancegod Lloyd
Full Name Laud Annor Konadu
Born May 25, 1992 (age 31)
Nationality Ghanaian
Occupation Dancer
Relationship Status Single
Education Presbyterian Boys Senior High School
Awards Not Available
Booking Contact [email protected]
Organization DWP Academy

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Early Life

At PRESEC, Dancegod Lloyd was very popular for his exceptional dance moves. During that time “break dance” was the norm and there were very few teenagers who could dance it so well. It was one dance victory after the other for him. He won inter-school dance competitions, dance battles and performed at high school events. He was popular among his peers both in PRESEC and beyond. After SHS, he was unheard of. Dancegod LLoyd started losing interest in dance. There seemed to be no future for him as a dancer. The popular careers were not arts. The only successful art career was music. As he would say in his own words “I was lost in the game”.

However, as the years went by, people started to appreciate dance. Gradually, Dancegod Lloyd was more convinced that dance was his passion. In 2014, he decided to pursue his passion. He auditioned to cast in a dance movie, but that wasn’t successful. Around that same time, he linked up with some of his old dancer friends. It appeared as though he was late in life. He joined two dancers Mr. Drew and Mr. Shawtyme who already had a dance group called Gentlemen. He later left the Gentlemen dance group to form his own dance group called NWA (Niggaz with Attitude). He was in the group with 2 other friends: Afrobeast and Benny.


The early stages of building his career was one of his most difficult moments in life. He had to do dance performances for free, stay late nights for music video shoots and sleep at bus stations due to lack of money. He was literally taken for a ride. During this phase, his parents were frustrated and angry at him because it looked like he had no future. It was him against the world. He met his manager, Quables, who was also an alumnus of PRESEC. Gradually things started to turn around. His career blew up when he featured in Patoranking’s “Available” music video after he participated
in his dance challenge and wo n. His challenge video got tens of thousands of views and soon afterwards every other video he posted got a lot of views too.

He danced on stage for Mr Eazi and King Promise at Ghana meets Naija, then he went ahead to do challenges for artistes and that was when it all started. It was one dance challenge after the other, video shoots after the other for both local and international artistes. Gradually, Dancegod LLoyd grew his influence both online and offline.


Dancegod LLoyd social media following increased from over a 1000 to a 100,000 in just a few months. In 2018, He was interviewed by BBC Africa to talk about his contribution to changing the dance narrative, especially Afrobeat. He performed on one of the biggest event stage at Dubai- the One Africa fest. He performed on one of the biggest event stage at Dubaithe One Africa fest. He has featured in over a 100 music videos and still counting.
His videos online have been reposted by influential pages online (The shade room, NWE worldwide, Chop daily, etc.
Together with his manager Quables and colleague, Afrobeast, Dancegod Lloyd co-founded the Dance with a Purpose (DWP) Academy. The biggest and most organized dance academy in Ghana with over 200 members. Since music and dance go hand in hand, Dancegod Lloyd explored the music industry. With the help of his friends Kwamz & Flava, Sister Deborah and Article Wan, he was able to successfully enter the music industry. He released his first song in 2019, Agbelemi which is available on all digital music platforms.

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