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South African Disc Jockey

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Dineo Ranaka (born December 16, 1983) is a well knwon South African radio personality, television presenter, actress and Disc Jockey who hails from Diepkloof in South Africa. Dineo has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry in South Africa, earning her a reputable status among her peers and fans.

Dineo Ranaka
Full Name Dineo Ranaka
Born December 16, 1983 (age 39)
Nationality South African
Occupation Disc Jockey
Relationship Status Not Available
Awards Not Available
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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Dineo Ranaka was born on December 16, 1983, in Diepkloof, South Africa. With a deep passion for the world of entertainment, she set her sights on a career in broadcasting from a young age.

Radio Career

  • Ranaka commenced her radio journey in 2003, making her debut as a co-host for “The Fanta World Chart Show” on 5fm, alongside Brown Sugar.
  • Her talent and charisma quickly caught the attention of audiences, leading her to join other prominent radio stations such as Yfm, Highveld Stereo, Metro FM, and Cliff Central. Notably, she gained widespread recognition as the co-host and producer of the Yfm drive time show, “The Essential Rush.” Her unique style, engaging personality, and exceptional presenting skills propelled her to become a beloved figure among listeners.

Television and Acting Career

In addition to her success in radio, Dineo Ranaka ventured into television, showcasing her versatility and talent. She made notable appearances on popular shows like “Club 808” on etv, where she charmed audiences with her vibrant personality and hosting abilities. Moreover, she displayed her acting prowess in various television series, including “Real Goboza,” “Scandal,” “Gaz’lam,” “Yim’lo,” “Dineo’s Diary,” “Gomora,” “All Access Mzansi,” and Moja Love’s “Ishushu.” Her on-screen presence and remarkable performances earned her critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Ventures and Entrepreneurship

  • Ranaka’s passion for creativity and entrepreneurship led her to explore new ventures. In 2019, she ventured into the music industry as a House and Hip Hop DJ, showcasing her versatility and musical talent. Furthermore, she established her own production company, through which she produced the drama series “Mzali Wami.”
  • Adding to her list of accomplishments, she launched her cosmetic range, LuvDrBeauty, on December 16, 2020, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the beauty industry.

Personal Life

Dineo Ranaka prefers to keep her personal life private, and limited information is available regarding her personal relationships and family.

Source: Wikipedia

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