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American Footballer

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Franck Yannick Kessié, an Ivorian professional footballer, was born on December 19, 1996. Known for his ability to play as a midfielder, he currently represents the La Liga club Barcelona and is a key player for the Ivory Coast National Team.

Franck Kessié
Full Name Franck Yannick Kessié
Born December 19, 1996 (age 27)
Nationality American
Occupation Footballer
Relationship Status Single
Awards Not Available
Organization FC Barcelona

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Early Life and Career

Kessié was born and brought up in Ouragahio, Ivory Coast. He displayed football skills from a young age, and his talent was fostered in Stella Club d’Adjamé’ s youth setup, which he joined in 2010. By 2014, he was promoted to the first team, marking the beginning of his professional journey.

Time at Atalanta

In 2015, Kessié’s performance caught the attention of the Serie A club, Atalanta. He signed a three-year contract with them and initially played for the club’s Primavera squad. His aptitude for the game was evident, and he was soon called up to Atalanta’s first team.

Loan to Cesena

The following year, Kessié joined Serie B club Cesena on a one-year loan. During this period, he scored his first professional goal and established himself as a crucial team player. His impressive performance during the loan period paved the way for his return to Atalanta’s first team.

Move to AC Milan

In 2017, Kessié’s career took a significant turn when he joined the ranks of AC Milan, one of Italy’s most esteemed clubs. His stint at AC Milan was marked by many memorable performances that strengthened his reputation as a formidable midfielder.

Joining Barcelona

After several successful seasons in Italy, Kessié moved to Barcelona in 2022. His current performances for this La Liga club continue to affirm his standing as an exceptional footballer.

International Career

On the international stage, Kessié has represented Ivory Coast at various levels. He has made significant contributions in various tournaments, further enhancing his standing as a skilled footballer.

Personal Life

Kessié’s father, a former professional footballer and army member, greatly influenced his early life. After his father’s untimely death, Kessié commemorates his memory through a military salute during his goal celebrations. Despite the challenges he faced, Kessié’s passion for football remained undeterred, leading him to achieve his current success.

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