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Hilda Baci Weppa (born 20 September 1996), also known as Hilda Baci, is a renowned Nigerian chef and a Guinness World Record holder. She has captivated both the national and international culinary scene with her innovative ability to infuse traditional African ingredients into globally recognized dishes.

Hilda Baci
Full Name Hilda Baci Weppa
Born September 20, 1996 (age 27)
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Chef
Relationship Status Single
Awards Guinness
Booking Contact [email protected]
Organization Guinness World Record holder

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Early Life

Hilda Baci Weppa was born and brought up in Nigeria. From an early age, she was exposed to the culinary arts, as her family held a deep-seated passion for cooking. This early exposure to food and its preparation techniques kindled her interest in cooking and paved the way for her future career.


  • Hilda’s journey in the culinary field began humbly, providing catering services at local community events. Her exceptional culinary skills soon gained recognition, leading to increased demand for her services.
  • Her burgeoning reputation in the culinary field led her to host cooking shows on local TV stations, where she showcased her unique culinary style. She became popular for her innovative approach of infusing African ingredients into international dishes, which eventually led to invitations to host cooking shows on a national scale.
  • In addition to her TV shows, Hilda has authored numerous cookbooks. These books reflect her distinctive culinary style, o ffering a variety of recipes that create a fusion between African and international cuisine.
  • A defining moment in Hilda’s career was her Guinness World Record achievement. Hilda surpassed the previous record by cooking non-stop for over 72 hours, setting the new record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual. This remarkable feat not only earned her international recognition but also underscored her status in the global culinary world.

Awards & Honors

Hilda Baci Weppa’s significant contributions to the culinary field have earned her numerous accolades and honors. Her Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual is one of her most notable achievements to date.

Personal Life

Hilda maintains a private personal life, with scant information available about her relationships or family. She tends to separate her professional life from her personal affairs, maintaining a distinct boundary between the two.

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