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Franklina Samn, born on 7 December 2002 in Accra and popularly known as Hosny or Hosny Official, is a talented Ghanaian musician. With a diverse musical style that spans Afrobeat, Afropop, Jazz, Highlife, Dancehall, and Contemporary R&B, Hosny has made a significant mark in the music industry. Her journey began from her early days in school, and she has since been influenced by life experiences, spirituality, and vibrations to create music that resonates with hope, truth, and love.

Hosny Official
Full Name Franklina Samn
Born December 7, 2002 (age 21)
Nationality Ghanaian
Occupation Musician
Relationship Status Single
Education T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School (T. I. Amass)
Awards Not Available
Organization Dorantes Records

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Early Life

  • Franklina Samn was born on 7 December 2002 in Accra, Ghana.
  • She is known by her stage name, Hosny.
  • Hosny is of Ghanaian nationality.
  • She has four siblings.
  • From a young age, Hosny was deeply involved in music. She began singing and performing at school events, gatherings, and churches.
  • Her early exposure to music saw her participating in numerous talent shows, whi ch honed her skills in writing, performing, and delivering music.


  • Hosny completed her senior high school education at T. I. Amass.
  • She pursued Fashion and vocational education at Styles Gh.
  • Although she didn’t study music formally in school, she did pursue music education outside of her academic journey.
  • This external music education significantly influenced her musical style and approach.


Musical Style and Influences

  • Hosny’s music encompasses a range of genres including Afrobeat, Afropop, Jazz, Highlife, Dancehall, and Contemporary R&B.
  • She has been influenced by several artists such as Efya, Rihanna, and Asa.
  • Through her music, Hosny aims to convey messages of hope, truth, and love.
  • She writes her own songs, drawing inspiration from life experiences, spirituality, and vibrations.

Performances and Releases

  • Hosny has performed live at various venues including Vienna Tema, Jamestown, Mall, Kalos, other pubs, and Airport Residential.
  • She has participated in music festivals like the Chale Wate Festival.
  • Hosny has released several singles including “Carry” (which is gaining significant traction), “Badgirl”, “Freedom”, “Changes”, “Smiling Faces”, and “Downlow”.
  • An EP is slated for release later this year, and the music video for “Carry” is set to be released next month.

Challenges and Motivations

  • As an upcoming musician, Hosny has faced challenges related to mileage, recognition, and financing.
  • Despite these challenges, her passion for music and her own creations keep her motivated.
  • Artists like Beyonce, Efya, and Tiwa Savage inspire her in her musical journey.

Personal Life

  • Apart from her passion for music, Hosny has interests in beauty and fashion, identifying as a beautician and fashionista.
  • She aims for her music to touch lives, inspire greatness, and contribute to positive change in the world.

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