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Joseph “Joe” Bartolozzi (born February 6, 2002), known as Joe Bartolozzi , is a prominent American YouTuber, TikToker, and Twitch streamer hailing from the United States. He is renowned for his sarcastic and angry commentary style. Joe primarily shares highlights from his Twitch streams on his YouTube channel.

Joe Bartolozzi
Full Name Joseph Bartolozzi
Born February 6, 2002 (age 22)
Nationality American
Occupation Tiktoker
Relationship Status Engaged
Education St. Augustine Preparatory School
Awards Not Available
Organization Not Available

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Early Life

  • Born on February 6, 2002.


  • Joe is an alumnus of St. Augustine Preparatory School.
  • Participated in track and field during his high school years.


  • YouTube:
    • Launched his YouTube channel on June 1, 2020.
    • Released his debut video on July 6, 2020.
    • Initially, his content revolved around discussing various topics, like his aversion to public restrooms.
    • Later, he shifted his focus to uploading highlights from his Twitch streams.
    • Achieved a milestone of 1 million subscribers on July 28, 2022.
  • TikTok:
    • Gained initial popularity by posting videos on TikTok.
    • Operates both a primary and a secondary account named “Joebutnotmad”.
    • Typically posts up to three times daily, offering commentary on specific TikToks, especially those that appear staged.
    • Occasionally, he shares videos where he rants about different subjects.
  • Twitch:
    • Recognized for his unique Twitch intro: “Hello everybody flooding in the chat”.
    • Primarily streams content that he later highlights on his YouTube channel.

Personal Life

  • Stands at a height of 6’1″.
  • In a relationship with Brooke Armitage, who occasionally features in his videos.


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