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Ghanaian Entrepreneur

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Prince Kweku Appiah is a prominent Ghanaian entrepreneur and real estate mogul, best known as the Founder and Executive Chairman of Tabco Homes and Properties. With a career spanning since 2020, he has transformed the company from its inception into one of Ghana’s  private real estate firms. His leadership and innovative strategies have significantly contributed to the real estate sector in Ghana and beyond. Known for his expertise, integrity, and personalized client relationships, Prince Kweku Appiah has helped people achieve their real estate dreams, setting him apart as a distinguished figure in the industry.

Prince Kweku Appiah
Full Name Prince Kweku Appiah
Born April 15, 1992 (age 32)
Nationality Ghanaian
Occupation Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Single
Education Data Link University
Awards Not Available
Organization Tabco Homes and Properties

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Early Life

Prince Kweku Appiah was born to Lydia Gyimah Appiah and Robert Kwesi Appiah, and he grew up in a family with five siblings. His early life details, including the specific dynamics of his upbringing and how it shaped his future ambitions, remain a pivotal part of his narrative, emphasizing the importance of family support and values in his personal and professional development.


Prince had his basic school and junior high school education at Gentle Mother Care Academy in the Greater region of Ghana. He then continued to Ideal College where he had his senior high school education. He holds a BA Marketing degree from the Data Link University.


Prince Kweku Appiah began his career in the real estate sector by co-founding Tabco Homes and Properties, initially serving as its Executive Director from 2020 to 2023 before becoming the Executive Chairman. Under his guidance, the company has seen unprecedented growth, establishing itself as a leading force in Ghana’s real estate market. His career is marked by a dedication to vision and leadership, driving the company from its humble beginnings to international recognition.

Entrepreneurial Journey

As an entrepreneur, Prince Kweku Appiah has demonstrated exceptional vision and acumen, particularly in the real estate sector. His ability to pioneer and lead Tabco Homes and Properties to its esteemed position today is a testament to his innovative approach and dedication to the industry.

Client Relationships

One of Prince Kweku Appiah’s most notable strengths is his ability to forge strong, personalized connections with his clients. He places a high value on understanding his clients’ needs, offering them bespoke advice, and guiding them through their real estate transactions with honesty and integrity. This client-focused approach has distinguished him as a trusted advisor in the real estate market.

Marketing Strategies

In the competitive field of real estate, Prince Kweku Appiah has capitalized on advanced marketing techniques to showcase properties effectively. He employs a mix of online and offline marketing tools, professional staging, and photography to enhance property visibility and attract suitable buyers.

Commitment to Ethics

Above all, Prince Kweku Appiah is committed to upholding the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and transparency. He believes in being a trustworthy guide for his clients, always putting their interests at the forefront of his operations.

Prince Kweku Appiah’s journey from the early days of Tabco Homes and Properties to becoming a cornerstone of  real estate landscape is a narrative of ambition, expertise, and ethical business practices. His contributions not only illuminate his personal success but also underscore the potential of the real estate sector in Ghana and beyond.

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