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SevenKizs Biography

Ghanaian Musician

Popularity Rank: #199


Eric Asante, known professionally as SevenKizs, is a rising Afrobeat sensation hailing from Kumasi, Ghana. He is known for his single titled “Picture” which became a trend on Tiktok after its release.

Full Name Eric Asante
Born Unknown
Nationality Ghanaian
Occupation Musician
Relationship Status Single
Awards Not Available
Organization Allo Muzik

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Early Life

  • Eric Asante, popularly known as Seven Kizs, is a native of Kumasi, Ghana.
  • From a young age, he displayed a passion for music, which would later propel him to stardom.


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  • Seven Kizs stands out from his contemporaries due to his ability to infuse his music with authenticity and cultural pride.
  • His lyrics often touch on themes that resonate with both Ghanaians and Africans, making his music relatable and appealing to a diverse audience.
  • He has been recognized by prominent Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy as a promising talent set to redefine the Ghanaian music scene.
  • Allo Maadjoa played a pivotal role in Seven Kizs’ TikTok success and overall rise in the music industry.
  • Seven Kizs released a single titled “Mea,” which has gained considerable attention.
  • Stonebwoy, a renowned Ghanaian musician, has shown interest in Seven Kizs’ work, raising hopes for potential collaborations in the future.

Awards and Nominations

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Personal Life

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