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Calling all Clash of Clans warriors! A brand new event has arrived, designed to boost your rewards and keep you engaged. You will have all the information you need from this blog post to dominate the Clash of Clans Streak Event and get the most riches and will also help you discovering COC account for sale to give you a head start. You'll have access to elite troops, defenses, and resources with a high-level COC accounts, providing you the advantage you need to crush the opposition.

What is the Streak Event?

The COC Streak Event is a 10-day daily reward track focused on encouraging multiplayer attacks. Town Hall 8 players and above can access it through the Clash of Clans Events tab. It's ideal for players of all skill levels, rewarding active players for their commitment while providing a light prod to those who might not attack frequently.

How Does it Work?

Each day, you'll be presented with a new multiplayer Clash of Clans battle task. Complete it within 24 hours to extend your COC streak and unlock progressively better Clash of Clans rewards. COC Tasks will gradually increase in difficulty, requiring higher destruction percentages or three-star victories.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Timers: You have 24 hours to complete each Clash of Clans daily task. Failing to do so resets your streak bonus.
  • Cooldowns: Completing a task triggers a 24-hour cooldown before the next task unlocks.
  • Skipping Cooldowns: Use Clash of Clans gems to bypass cooldowns, but remember, the cooldown for the skipped task is added to the completion time of the new task.
  • Recovering from Missed Tasks: If you miss a task and lose your streak, you can either start over or use COC gems to resume where you left off.
  • League Loot Bonus: Completing daily tasks unlocks a multiplier applied to your Clash of Clans League loot, not the daily star bonus. The higher your Clash of Clans League, the greater the bonus you'll receive.
  • Streak Bonuses: As your streak continues, the COC League loot bonus percentage increases, reaching a maximum of 100% at the end of the event.
  • Shiny Ore Rewards: Completing specific tasks unlocks Shiny Ore, a valuable resource for all players.

Benefits for All Player Types:

  • Casual Players: The Clash of Clans Streak Event encourages regular logins and incentivizes exploring attack strategies.
  • Active Players: You'll earn bonus loot for your usual attack activities.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Focus on Attacking: The core objective is to participate in multiplayer battles.
  • Prioritize League Loot: The League loot bonus is the most significant reward.
  • Gems as a Safety Net: Use Clash of Clans gems strategically to skip cooldowns or recover from missed tasks.


The Clash of Clans Streak Event is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your COC experience. With a little planning and consistent play, you can significantly boost your loot and climb the leaderboards. And with cheap Clash of Clans gems, you can accelerate your progress and dominate the competition even faster! So, assemble your troops, sharpen your strategies, and claim your well-deserved rewards! Whether you're looking to upgrade your village, unlock new troops, or fuel your war efforts, cheap CoC gems can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

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